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In addition to providing care for illness and injury, Village Family Health Team also offers a number of primary care programs and services. These programs are designed to promote overall health by focusing on health prevention and helping people manage chronic conditions.


Flu Clinic

Every fall, we work with Toronto Public Health to immunize all patients who choose to take the flu shot. We focus our efforts on people in high risk categories, as defined by public health. We offer a number of flu clinics including weeknights and Saturdays. We continue to offer Flu Clinics as long as we have the flu vaccine in stock or until there is no more demand for the flu shot. Throughout the flu season, we continue to offer flu shots by appointments or as part of another visit to the clinic.

Preventative Health Visit

Ensure your immunizations; cancer screening and evidence based tests are up to date. We recommend a preventative health visit every 3 years for patients under 50, and every 2 years for patients over 50.

Preventative Health Visit 2015

Cancer Screening

We promote cancer screening for cervical, colon and breast cancer. We hold monthly PAP Clinics in the evening to make it easy for people with a cervix to have a PAP test. All people with a cervix between the ages of 21 and 70 should be screened, once they are sexually active.

Our team encourages patients aged 50 to 74 to undergo regular colon screening. Patients may choose to use the Fecal Occult Blood Testing kit, available at the clinic or self register for a colonscopy.

Our team also encourage mammography for breast cancer screening. Women aged 50 to 74 are encouraged to self register for a mammography.

Well Baby Clinics

At Village Family Health Team, we provide primary care for several hundred babies. We see babies within days of birth. Once a baby turns two months old, and if their birthdate falls within the appropriate cohort, they are invited to join the Well Baby Group. The Well Baby Group is a 90 minute group appointment for parent(s) and baby. The purpose of the group is to provide parents with comprehensive education based on the child’s age and offer a venue for parents to interact, and ask questions in a setting that is baby and breastfeeding friendly. The appointments are based on the regular growth/development/immunization schedule of 2, 4, 6, and 9 month visits. These services are provided to all patients at Village FHT but unfortunately we are not always able to accommodate all babies and parents in a group setting. If you have a newborn baby, or one on the way, feel free to contact your healthcare provider about the group!

Hip Dysplasia

The cause of Hip Dysplasia in infants is unknown, yet some factors that may increase the likelihood of this condition include family history, breech positioning in the womb and positioning of the hips in the first year of life. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends healthy hip positioning to encourage normal hip development. This includes hip-healthy swaddling and hip-healthy positioning in carriers, seats and other equipment. Click on the link below to learn more:


Chronic Disease Management Programs

Metabolic Clinic

Village Family Health Team is very serious about providing optimal care for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes. For people with serious mental illness, managing diabetes can be very challenging. We ask our diabetic patients to come to the clinic at least once every three months for a physical examination, blood work and an education session. We also offer a healthy breakfast because patients have been fasting for 12 hours before their blood work. As part of comprehensive diabetic care, we provide foot care services at the clinic. We offer referral to a local optometrist or optometrist of the patient’s choice.

Mental Health and Support Services

Our social workers provide a range of mental health and support service to help you overcome particular problems that you are facing. We provide goal orientated time limited therapy in consultation with your family physician and our team psychiatrists. We offer group programming designed to help you develop skills to manager a particular mental health concern.  Our social workers also provide brief supportive services and access to community resources.:

Addiction Support Program

A social worker is available to provide support if you are struggling with substance use. The social worker will work with you to identify your goals, help you to take next steps, and refer you to needed resources and supports. The program is designed to be a supportive, non-judgmental, and harm-reduction approach that helps you to achieve your personal goals regarding your substance use. If you are interested, you can speak to your physician or another team member who can connect you to the social worker/addiction counselor.

If you are looking for longer case management, mental health and addiction services please visit

If you are looking for information regarding a specific mental health concern please visit

For online self-help options please visit

For a list of free and low cost meditation groups please visit

Mastering Your Mood

Facilitated by our social workers, this psycho- educational group based program focuses on teaching you cognitive and behavioural skills to help you manage and overcome depression and anxiety. This is a 10 week program that will run at various times and dates throughout the year. Please speak with your health care provider for further details.

 Nutrition Services:

As a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, we are glad to provide patients of Village FHT with nutrition services offered by a Registered Dietitian (RD). The dietitian provides a full range of nutrition counselling to promote healthy living and manage chronic conditions requiring dietary interventions.

Our Registered Dietitian can help you with managing existing health issues and optimizing health for:

  • Cholesterol / Diabetes / High Blood Pressure • Gastrointestinal Conditions (Reflux, IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Celiac Disease, Food intolerances) • Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle • Eating well as a Vegetarian • Learning how to read food labels / Choosing healthier options on a limited income or eating on the run • Prenatal, infant and childhood nutrition

An initial consultation with the dietitian takes approximately one hour where the dietitian will assess your current diet, your risk factors and your lifestyle. This will help the dietitian better understand your needs, which then allows the dietitian to make recommendations and collaborate with you to design an eating plan that matches your goals. An emphasis is placed on healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes as these provide the foundation for good health. Follow up appointments can be scheduled to monitor your progress, answer questions, provide support, and to make changes as required. Please discuss with your healthcare provider for a dietitian referral if you are interested and are registered as a patient at Village FHT.

Useful websites:

Health Canada – Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide

EatRight Ontario

Dietitians of Canada eaTracker

Nutrition Tips:

Healthy Holiday Eating

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Health Resources

Updated  June 11th,2021 – Vaccine Clinic

To our community partners,

COVID-19 vaccination updates at West Toronto OHT vaccine clinics

  • The West Park Healthcare and Community Place Hub vaccine clinics:
    • First dose vaccinations: Available to Torontonians 12-17 years of age at the time of their appointment and 18 years of age and older. Book here . Walk-in appointments are also available at the Community Place Hub.
      Please note: Health Care Workers who need to book a first dose appointment can book into the 18+ category.
    • Second dose vaccinations: These clinics are moving up second dose appointments of all individuals 70 years of age and older and those who received their first dose before/on May 9 for whom they provided first doses. Those individuals will receive a communication about this through the email or phone number they provided at their first dose appointment. Please do not call or go in to the vaccination clinics to request a second dose. Appointments will be moved up on a “first-in, first-out” basis, as vaccine supply allows.
    • Bookable second dose vaccinations available: Those who have not been able to attain an accelerated second dose and meet the below eligibility criteria are able to book in at West Park and Community Place Hub using the online booking tool here:
      • individuals who are 70 years of age and older AND have waited the minimum interval between doses (Pfizer-BioNTech at least 21 days ago or Moderna at least 28 days ago)
      • those who received their first dose before/on May 9
      • individuals who live, work or attend school in these designated hot spot postal codes in Toronto AND have waited the minimum interval between doses (Pfizer-BioNTech at least 21 days ago or Moderna at least 28 days ago)
      • If your first dose was AstraZeneca, you can get Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech for your second dose (based on vaccine supply). It must be at least 12 weeks after your first dose.
  • Unity Health-St. Joseph’s vaccine clinic:
    • Second dose vaccinations: Unity Health will be moving up appointments on a “first-in, first-out” basis, as our vaccine supply allows. Those over the age of 70 (who have waited the minimum interval between doses), as well as anyone who received their first dose before/on May 9 at the St. Michael’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic will receive an appointment confirmation via email or text message for their new second dose appointment date over the next couple of weeks.


  • CAMH
    • First dose vaccinations: bookings for people 12 years and older (at the time of appointment). Book here
    • Second dose vaccinations: CAMH is moving up appointments for those who received their first dose before/on April 18 at its clinic. New second dose appointment confirmations will be sent via email or text message.
    • Bookable second dose vaccinations available: For people 70 years and older (born in 1951 or earlier) who received a first dose of Pfizer. Book here
  • South Etobicoke Clinic:
    • This clinic continues to focus on first doses for South Etobicoke residents. This is being operated with direct outreach through South Etobicoke ambassadors. Appointments are also available online. Book here

How to book an appointment for eligible groups at a West Toronto OHT pop-up vaccine clinic or a Unity Health hospital vaccination clinic:

How to book appointments at mass immunization clinics and pharmacies:


  • Attached to this email you will find two charts that outline:
    • When and where for a second dose
    • Which vaccine for second dose

This information is evolving rapidly, so eligibility will change.