Dr. Manisha Verma

Dr. Manisha Verma

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I am a graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School, and also completed my family medicine residency at the University of Toronto (As you can see, I love Toronto!). I am looking forward to having a diverse family practice at the Village FHT and welcome anyone who requires primary care.

I practice comprehensive medicine, and believe in the importance of treating the whole person. I believe wellness is achieved when both physical and psychosocial care needs are met. I hope to motivate patients to focus on the various aspects of wellness, and empower them to be actively involved in their health promotion.

Specific interests I have within primary care include preventative health and health promotion, primary care of children and adolescents, home based primary care for seniors, and academic medicine.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy travelling, music, and discovering great food! I look forward to working in Liberty Village and providing comprehensive primary care to Toronto’s diverse population.