Mental Health and Substance Use Services

At Village Family Health Team, we have staff social workers, who work in consultation with your family physician and our team psychiatrists to provide a range of mental health services. In addition to time-limited individual psychotherapy, our social workers offer group programming designed to help you develop skills to manage a mental health concern, as well as brief supportive services and access to community resources.

For information on how to find an individual therapist, low-cost and/or free therapy, and self-help resources see below:

Choosing a Therapist Guide + Private Therapist List
CBT Self-Help Handout

For online self-help options you can also visit:
Mood Gym:
Big White Wall:

For a list of free and low cost meditation groups please visit:

For free, confidential help navigating mental health and addiction resources and support in Ontario:

Some of the specific programs currently being offered at Village Family Health Team are listed below:

Facing Your Feelings: a 10-week DBT skills group

Facing Your Feelings is a 10-week psycho-educational group therapy program based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training. The group is designed for individuals who want to learn to identify and cope better with difficult emotions, reduce unwanted emotions, manage stressful situations and improve relationships. This group will run at various times and dates throughout the year. Please speak with your health care provider for further details.

A Workshop for Better Sleep: Treating your Insomnia

This 3-hour workshop is designed to teach you about the three causes of chronic insomnia, the body’s sleep regulatory systems, the role of medication, and introduce you to the evidence-based treatment strategies to improve your deep sleep quality. Based on the evidence-based model ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia’.  This workshop is offered at various times and dates throughout the year. Please speak with your health care provider for further details.

Resources to help you sleep:
CBTi online tool:
Sleep Stimulus Control

Addiction Support Program

A social worker is available to provide support if you are struggling with substance use. The social worker will work with you to identify your goals, help you to take next steps, and refer you to needed resources and supports. The program is designed to be a supportive, non-judgmental, and harm-reduction approach that helps you to achieve your personal goals regarding your substance use. If you are interested, you can speak to your physician or another team member who can connect you to the social worker/addiction counselor.