About Us | Village Family Health Team | Liberty Village, Toronto

libertyVillageAerialVillage Family Health Team opened in Liberty Village in 2012.  As an inter-professional team, family physicians, nurse practitioner, nurses, social work, registered dietician and chiropodist work closely together with other health professionals including psychiatrists, chiropractor, physiotherapy, pharmacist and optometrist to provide comprehensive primary care.

We provide primary care across the spectrum of ages including the full range of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post- partum and well baby care. In addition to acute, episodic care, our team actively works with our patients on health promotion, disease prevention and the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, mental illness and hypertension. Village Family Health Team was initially incubated by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; one of our goals is to provide primary care to people with serious mental illness and/or addictions.

We want to make it easy for patients to communicate with us. We offer evening appointments, same day/next day appointments and secure direct connection to your doctor through Avocare.

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